Football and technology

A football in a stadium

Women's Football World Cup

On 20 July 2023, the Women's World Cup will begin in Australia. Germany hopes that its ladies will do better than the men's team, which has been appallingly weak lately. Regardless of the sporting success, however, the technical development around the game is extremely interesting.

Football is the number one popular sport in many countries around the world, but very little has been published about its technical development. Yet there is a wealth of inventions and a long history of technology behind the "beautiful game".

On our pages on "Football and Technology" you will find all the developments and inventions that have accompanied and advanced the beautiful game from the very beginning - from the first ball bubble to the screw stud, from the early whistle to the video referee.

The technology behind the ball

This DPMA presentation was first published for the 2006 World Cup. Since then, it has been repeatedly updated and brought up to date with the latest technology.


Last updated: 3 May 2024