News - Archive 2024

February 2024

  • Milestones (27.02.2024)
    It´s back! Legendary stolen Beatle bass recovered after more than half a century
  • New sign language videos (26.02.2024)
    "Hands talk, eyes listen"
  • Designs (23.02.2024)
    DesignEuropa Awards 2024: Apply now
  • Milestones (14.02.2024)
    145 years ago: Patent for the stapler - Once indispensable, soon 'extinct'?
  • Number of the month (09.02.2024)
    On the occasion of "Women and Girls in Science Day": proportion of women in STEM degree programs at around 35 percent
  • Important notice (08.02.2024)
    Chinese and German offices extend Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot
  • Press release (07.02.2024)
    DPMA uses new information material to sharpen its profile as the centre of expertise for intellectual property in Germany
  • Events (05.02.2024)
    Register now for the DPMAnutzerforum 2024
  • World of design (01.02.2024)
    Jewelry for your loved ones for Valentine's Day

January 2024

  • Milestones (31.01.2024)
    65 years ago: Jack Kilby applies for patent for first IC
  • Important notice (26.01.2024)
    on the occasion of the earthquake on the Japanese peninsula of Noto and its consequences
  • Number of the month (23.01.2024)
    Number of registered designs in the lighting sector
  • Milestones (18.01.2024)
    55 years ago: Rock the Roof - The Beatles' last ever concert
  • Ingenious Women (17.01.2024)
    On the death of Eveline Gottzein: Satellites, rockets, magnetic levitation trains
  • Milestones (09.01.2024)
    95 years "Tintin": Billions of billious blue blistering barnacles!
  • Important Notices (02.01.2024)
    2024 version of the 12th edition of the Nice Classification (NCL 12-2024) and 14th Edition of the Locarno Classification and Official List of Goods Design (Version 2024 LOC14)
  • World of design (02.01.2024)
    A light rises in the darkness

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