Searching Historical IP Rights in Berlin

Historical picture of an examiner standing on a ladder in the Reichspatentamt library

An interesting collection of files – not only for historians and friends of technological history: the Information and Service Centre Berlin (Gitschiner Straße 97) makes publicly available a wealth of informative material of the former Imperial Patent Office, of the Patent Office of the German Reich and of the German Patent Office (until 1968). It also includes registers of secret patents from both world wars.

The information on patents from 1877 to 1968, secret patents, utility models and trade marks includes the following collections among others:

Enquiry unit

  • patent index (file number = publication number) from 1877 to 1945
  • patent index (file number = publication number) of 1930 – according to the German Patent Classification (DPK)
  • index of the patent application documents microfilmed by the Allied, called F.I.A.T (Field Intelligence Agency Technical; file number = film roll and pages)
    • Please note that the F.I.A.T. films are currently being prepared for DEPATISnet.
  • rolls concerning secret patents from 1934 to 1944 (years 1941 and 1942 are missing)
  • register of secret applications from 1934 to 1943
  • list of patent applications by the company Heinkel from 1935 to 1945
  • overview (book) of the 76 so-called "Vergeltungsakten" (files pertaining to statutory instruments governing compulsory licences on patents by non-German nationals) stored in the Federal Archives
  • overview of the film duplicates of the microfilmed patent application files available in the Federal Archives (F.I.A.T./BIOS)
  • register of word signs registered as trade marks including inscriptions of figurative signs (Otto Haase registers) from 1894 to 1912, 1913 to 1916, 1923 to 1926
  • list of trade mark application files that did not lead to registration available at the Treuhandstelle Reichspatentamt (trust fund for the assessts owned by the former Patent Office of the German Reich)
  • war register from 1914 to 1918

Contact to the enquiry unit:

Search room

  • patent register of the former Patent Office of the German Reich (last patent number of 1945: 768 161)
  • utility model register of the former Patent Office of the German Reich
  • patent register from 1957 to 1968
    • register volumes for the years 1950 to 1956 only available in Munich!
  • register of examined patent applications published prior to being granted from 1957 to 1968
  • register of patent classes from 1879 to 1944
  • quarterly register of names pertaining to the Patent Gazette (Patentblatt) from 1895 to 1943
  • register of patents granted from 1877 to 1943
  • register of names of utility model applicants from 1891 to 1945
  • patent application concordance books (file number = publication date) from 1950 to 1969
    • to determine published examined patent applications prior to being granted (1950–1956) archived according to file number, class, group and publication date
  • register of patent classes from 1950 to 1976
    • to determine what has become of the patent application
  • file number concordance books from 9/1955 to 1968 (old file number = new file number and new file number = old file number)
  • patent application concordance books (file number = publication date) – Darmstadt receiving office
    • applications filed in Darmstadt have the following file number system: p serial number D (e.g. p13138D)
    • Please note that, in some case, the same file number was accorded multiple times to different patent applications; they were distinguished by adding a lower-case letter following the number (e.g. p13138cD, p13138hD)
  • utility model register from 1951 to 1968
  • proof of the trade marks legally protected in the German Empire (1875–1894)
  • card index of the Amt für Erfindungs- und Patentwesen (Patent Office of the German Democratic Republic) 1950-1990
    • (Note: In the period from July 2019 to December 2020 access to this file is restricted. Please contact the staff in the research room.)

Contact to the Berlin search room:

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Last updated: 11 November 2021