Warning against Misleading Requests for Payment

Please note: The Office does not send invoices or requests for payment for application and renewal fees.

In November 2019, March 2020 and September 2022, fraudulent invoices were sent which were supposed to come from the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. The DPMA The DPMA has already initiated prosecution. Now, one defendant has been sentenced to imprisonment for fraud in combination with forgery of documents. Further criminal charges are pending.
For further information, please refer to press release

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) warns against – partially misleading – offers, requests for payment and invoices from private companies. These companies offer services against payment including the publication or registration of IP rights in commercial registers. They also offer the renewal of IP rights at the DPMA and charge a fee for this service in addition to the official fees.

We explicitly point out that these companies are not associated with the DPMA.

What are misleading requests for payment?

Often, such letters cannot be identified as offers at first sight – in many cases, this becomes only obvious by carefully reading the small print or the terms and conditions that are sometimes printed on the back. You should therefore always carefully read communications containing requests for payment in connection with IP rights.
Indications that it is not an official letter:

  • Bank details of a company abroad, e.g. Poland (PL), Cyprus (CY), Tunisia (TN) or Bulgaria (BG)
  • pre-filled transfer slip
  • address other than that of an authority or office of the DPMA

What are the actual fees charged?

he official fees are due and must be paid to the DPMA when filing an application or submitting a request for the renewal or maintenance of an IP right or for other individual procedural steps. No additional fees are charged for the publication of IP rights in the official registers.
The DPMA does not send out any invoices or requests for payment.
All information on official fees is available in the leaflet pdf-Datei Information Concerning Costs, Fees and Expenses of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office and of the Federal Patent Court (form A 9510.1). There you will also find the terms of payment and the bank details of the DPMA.

On the fee pages we have compiled information on official fees of the DPMA.

Which companies are known to the DPMA?

Letters from the following companies have recently been brought to our attention:

  • EUTD - European Trademarks & Domains (Internetadresse:
  • IOIP – International Organisation Intellectual Property Registration International Mark
  • IPOS - Intellectual Property Organisation Service (Internetadresse:
  • IPS – Intellectual Property Services (Internetadresse:
  • IPTR - International Patent and Trademark Register (Internetadresse:
  • PMR-Service GmbH - Patent- und Markenregister (Internetadresse:
  • TMP Register - Trademark Publication (Internetadresse:
  • WPAT- World Patents and Trademarks (Internetadresse:
  • WPT - World Patent and Trademark Register ltd (Internetadresse:

  • List of the companies which have been brought to the attention of the DPMA

Have you received such a letter?

If you receive requests for payment, offers or invoices relating to your IP right pending before the DPMA from companies where you have doubts about the legitimacy of the request for payment, you can contact our Customer Care and Services any time. If you have not found the company in question in our list, please send an e-mail to and provide an example in the attachment.
Holders of international registrations of marks who received a communication can contact WIPO directly to find out if the communication received is indeed an official communication by WIPO:

  • For this purpose, please call the International Bureau (phone: +41 22 338-9111) or send an e-mail to
  • In addition, you may contact the Legal Division of the Madrid Union with respect to any query concerning this and any other legal issue:

Furthermore, the DPMA would like to informatively warn against the fact that sometimes misleading invoices for the registration of domain names are sent to domain holders. The reason for the invoice is often "commercial intellectual property rights" or similar. However, there is often no connection to the intellectual property rights pending at the DPMA. Nevertheless, we would like to name a few companies of such offer letters as examples:

  • IP Alpenlander (Internet address:
  • IP Uberwachungs (Internet address:
  • Online Patent Office (Internet address:ü

Not only the DPMA issues warnings

Other IP offices have also issued warnings on their websites concerning – partially misleading – offers, requests for payment and invoices from companies unrelated to them:

  • World Intellectual Property Organization (externer Link WIPO)
  • European Union Intellectual Property Office (externer Link EUIPO)
  • European Patent Office (externer Link EPO) and
  • numerous national IP offices such as the
    • Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (externer Link IPI) and the
    • United States Patent and Trademark Office (externer Link USPTO)

The German Protective Association against Economic Crime (externer Link Deutscher Schutzverband gegen Wirtschaftskriminalität – DSW) as well as numerous chambers of commerce and industry provide comprehensive information about the practice described on this page, also known as scam.

Last updated: 16 March 2023